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Over the years, our mission has been to offer exceptional barrels to distinctive distilleries worldwide, barrels that make a difference!

In our casks we appreciate the importance of the wood, but also have the understanding of the value of the distinguishing quality of its contents and extended ageing time.

This particular marriage of the noble woods with the highest quality rare wines, aged patiently in the secret of the antique wineries, is what imparts distinct and exceptional notes and aromas in the maturing and finishing process. 

This is why we specialize in providing a service to select distilleries and bottlers looking for that extra touch of excellence to their prized spirits.

We are happy to adapt to our clients’ needs and can offer a wide range of premium products including select barrels, historic barrels, as well as seasoned industry barrels and new barrels.

In 2019 our company was the first in world to use blockchain technologies in chip-marked barrels. We are pioneers in customising the cryptic blockchain technology to the wine and spirits industry.

Select Barrels

An exquisite selection of barrels with particular focus on the prolonged interaction of great wines with vintage barrels, enhancing each other’s qualities with spectacular results.

Protected Denomination
of Origin.

We work with internationally recognised wineries and distilleries that have a protected denomination of origin.


Artisanal, family owned cooperages. Traditional craftsmanship that is not at odds with the use of new technologies.

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Find out more about the spirits from the various protected denominations where our barrels come from. Press +

Dry Wines

Find out more about the various dry wines from the protected denominations where our barrels come from. Press +

Sweet Wines

Find out more about the sweet wines from the various protected denominations where our barrels come from. Press +

In order to gain a better understanding of each product, we provide general notes of the wines and spirits on offer. In Select Barrels you can enquire for specific tasting notes on each wine from the selected vessels.

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