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We specialize in authentic barrels from select wineries that produce and bottle highest quality and internationally awarded wines. We dedicate special attention in pairing the best wines with the best barrels as their interaction enhances each other’s characteristics. These are the particular barrels that we select for the maturing and finishing of the best whiskeys and spirits.


Although we originally specialized only in the denomination of origin Jerez- Sherry-Manzanilla, we nowadays offer a unique selection from a variety of rare denominations that you can encounter in the Protected Denominations of Origin section


For the Select Barrels, what is essential is the ageing process, the oxidation and the particular way in which the wine interacts with the barrel over time modifying its compounds.


Casks&Botas first company in the world to use Blockchain technology in barrels



Select Barrels are available in limited quantity and determined time frames due to the exclusive and scarce production and availability. CASKS AND BOTAS, in special agreement with the renowned centennial wineries, ensures that the barrels are not emptied from their precious contents until the very last moment prior to shipment, thus guaranteeing the client the best quality and freshness of the barrel.


For our barrels we use exclusive integrated chips that use blockchain technology, guaranteeing tamper-free traceability and management. Our company was the first worldwide in implementing this technology to the industry in 2019.


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