Craftsmanship, Tradition and Technology, at the service of quality.

We have expert coopers working in traditional cooperages, crafting barrels of any capacity from the finest of woods, be it with our select barrels, barrels reconstituted from select woods, or barrels made of new oak.

Traditional families cooperages in Jerez and México.

New Oak Barrels

Made to order, small, medium and big sizes available. Quercus alba, Quercus petrea, Quercus pirenaica,  Quercus robur. Different char options available made to order. (Char1, Char 2, Char 3).

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Select Barrels

Barrels selected on the criteria of having special characteristics of the wood paired with its contents, based upon prior agreement with the wineries.

These barrels contain the wines and spirits that, once bottled, bare the brand name of the winery/distillery.

Coorninated with Wineries

We coordinate with the wineries the availability of the barrels, and consequently the date of emptying so that they would arrive to the client in the best possible condition. Prior to the shipment they are inspected by our expert coopers, and made ready for use by our clients. The best example of tradition and craftsmanship in action.

Historic Barrel

Reconstructed barrels made from select wood chosen from old barrels that have had prolonged contact with wines or spirits (Mezcal, Tequila). These are made in reduced sizes, ranging from 5l to 200l and refilled as required

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Seasoned Industry Barrels

Ex-wine barrels prepared to be seasoned for a period of one to three years with sherry and port wines. Made from American and French oak, 225l-250l.

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Casks´ Philosophy

We have a great team who is enthusiastic and passionate about barrles and wines


Burn old logs,
drink old wines, read old books,
have old friends

Alfonso X El Sabio (1221-1284)


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